Who needs to be covered by the policy?

Any and all employees.


Where you can buy this insurance, and how much it will cost?

Daigle & Travers of course! The cost will be determined by two major factors, the class code that your employees are classified under the amount of payroll associated with each class.


How do I determine where I need workers comp insurance coverage?

If your business operates in multiple states, or employees travel across state lines to work, you may need to modify your business insurance policy to guarantee coverage in the event of a claim.


What does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers’ Compensation will pay hospital and medical expenses that are necessary to diagnose and treat your injury. It can also provide disability payments while you are unable to work; typically, about two-thirds of your regular salary. This coverage is only for injuries that are a result of a work place injury, it is not a replacement for medical insurance.


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