Workers Compensation: Coverage for Domestic Workers in New York State

Daigle & Travers Insurance Agency provides risk management for many individuals and families living in Connecticut and New York. We often find that our clients, especially working parents, enlist the help of domestic workers, such as an au pair, nanny or other household help. These two states have different workers’ compensation requirements when it comes to the number of labor hours requiring coverage. In this blog we will be discussing just New York.

Who is considered a Domestic Worker?

A domestic worker is any person who is performing household duties for you. Someone working in your home office or a vendor providing a contracted project would not fall under this category.

  • chauffeur
  • nanny
  • home health aide
  • au pair
  • nurse
  • babysitter
  • maid
  • cook
  • housekeeper
  • laundry worker
  • butler
  • companion
  • gardener

WhyDomestic worker carrying too much laundry down the stairs do I need to have workers compensation for household staff?

When you have any person on your property regularly for extended periods of time, you are increasing your exposure. It just takes one slip to put a caretaker out of commission, leaving you liable for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Do household employees need workers comp?

In New York State, someone working forty or more hours in any given week (in a 52 week period) by the same employer (including full-time babysitters or companions and live-in maids) are required to be covered by a NY State workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Workers’ compensation insurance is not required if the only people who work for the household are domestic workers in a private home who individually work less than 40 hours per week for that household and do not live on-premises.

Please note that a homeowner’s insurance policy’s workers’ compensation insurance rider does NOT cover any domestic employees for workers’ compensation benefits.

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