What amount of liability insurance do I need to protect myself and my family?

An individuals’ or family’s assets and their life-style will determine the answer to this question.

What is Liability?

Liability, from an insurance perspective, contemplates fault arising from negligence. A person at fault is liable to another for damages because of his or her actions or lack of action, also known as an omission.

Types of liability damages:

  • Third party property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury

What can cause a liability claim?

  • Owning or renting the property in which one resides.
    • Where you live may open you up to more liability.
    • Being successful and living in an affluent region can make you a target.
  • Driving
    • Being an aggressive driver
    • Commuting
    • Driving your neighbor’s children to events
    • Having teenagers
    • Boating
    • Having domestic staff
    • Volunteering on a board of directors
    • Your activity on social media
      • What you post can create a defamation suit
  • Damages Include:
  • -the cost to repair, replace or rebuild damaged property

  • -medical expenses

  • -permanent physical disability or disfigurement

  • -economic loss

  • -pain and suffering because of loss of family

  • -social and reputational damage

  • -cost of investigation and defense

How much liability coverage is enough?

When making a decision on what the proper liability limit is correct for you and your family, we take two things into account:

  1. What is your net worth/future earning potential?
  2. How much coverage can you afford to purchase?

It is safe to say that even the most cautious family should carry a primary liability insurance as part of their home and auto equal to at least $500,000, plus at least $5 million in excess limits.

Lawsuits are all too common in today’s litigious society. If any individual is involved in an accident and then sued for an amount greater than their existing personal liability coverage, assets such as their home, belongings, investments and future earning could all be at risk.

At a minimum, be sure that the sum of the underlying home and/or auto liability limit plus your umbrella is greater than or equal to the market value of your assets plus expected future income. In the United States if you are sued and the judgment exceeds the limits of your liability coverage, your wages can be garnished and/or assets seized.

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