Are you a cyclist?

Cyclist driving down street who has under insured motorist insurance through Daigle and TraversHave you thought about the repercussions of being hit by an under insured driver?

Do you understand uninsured/under insured motorist insurance coverage?

No one wants to discuss death or serious injury. Unfortunately, if you ride a bike, you need to plan for a potential disaster.

Distracted Drivers

The reality is that as cautious as we think we are as cyclists; cyclists are always at risk due to someone else’s negligence. Even the most defensive-minded cyclist can still fall victim. Drivers are more distracted than ever due to cell phone usage, texting and even speaking on the phone via Bluetooth.

Tweaking your uninsured motorist insurance coverage may be the most important thing cyclists can do to protect themselves. The driver that hits you may be carrying only the minimum amount of liability insurance. Depending on which state you are biking in, state minimums for liability can range from $10K to $25K per accident. This limit will barely cover the ambulance ride and emergency room visit.


Most auto insurance carriers protect against uninsured and underinsured motorists, even if you’re on a bicycle or walking. Under insured motorist insurance also covers hit-and-run crashes, which are unfortunately all too common.

Who will cover the damages if you are hit by a driver that leaves the scene? If you have medical insurance, that will help to cover some of the expenses associated with your accident though it can be more complicated, as most policies don’t allow for upgrades. Emergency medical transportation is often subject to an out of network deductible which the cyclist may not be financially prepared for.

Working With a Local Agent

When purchasing auto insurance, yes you can go to a direct insurance carrier such as Geico, but do they understand your personal circumstances and hobbies? When working with a local insurance broker, such as Daigle & Travers Insurance, we can help customize an auto insurance plan to protect you.  Uninsured motorist coverage is the one coverage you can purchase on your auto policy to protect you as an individual. With most insurance carriers you can purchase $500,000 to a million in uninsured driver coverage. In some cases, your insurance carrier can add excess coverage to your personal umbrella policy.


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