Special Event Insurance


What is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance will cover the financial loss associated with an accident, a bad weather event, illness or even problems with key vendors that cause your private event to be stopped or cancelled. Additionally, a special event policy will cover damages from an accident you are held responsible for, as well as, property damage caused by you or a guest. Most venues will generally require proof of insurance prior to the event, and request to be listed as an additional insured.


Does my home insurance cover my liability for a special event?

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance carrier, the answer is maybe. However, most venues are requiring they be named as additional insureds on the liability policy. You cannot do this on a homeowner’s policy. In an instance that this request is not made, you should call your insurance carrier to determine the limitations of your liability coverage. Regardless, “event cancellation” would not be covered.


How much does it cost to insure a wedding?

The average cost of insuring a wedding for $1 million is between $185 and $600 depending on the number of attendees.


What kind of events are covered?

Special event policies can be purchased for all sort of events including: Art displays, auctions, banquets, bazaars, charity events, graduations, weddings, lectures, meetings, pageants, parades, religious assemblies, reunions, seminars, social gatherings, receptions, conventions, concerts, & more.



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