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Auto insurance is a contract you purchase, where by the insuring agency pays for some portion of property, liability and/or medical expenses incurred from some calamity occurring during use of your vehicle. What and whom is covered is determined by the type of policy you obtain. If you have automobile insurance and an accident occurs, your insurance doesn’t necessarily pay to have your car fixed or replaced. The industry terms within your policy dictate how much you will get paid. For example, the following terms will all offer different payouts: liability coverage, collision coverage, actual cash value, agreed value, comprehensive coverage, under-insured and uninsured coverage. The best way to navigate the fine print of your policy is with an experienced agent who has your best interest in mind. At Daigle & Travers, we pride ourselves on being those kinds of agents.

Ferrari Insurance Guide

A Guide to Ferrari Insurance by Daigle & Travers, Darien, Connecticut (203) 655-6974 The iconic Ferrari vehicle symbolizes superior engineering, power and speed. If you own one of these luxury Italian sports cars, then having the best insurance coverage is [...]

Land Rover Insurance

Land Rover Insurance Guide by Daigle & Travers   High-end SUVs are, by nature, statement pieces that set their owners apart from all other car owners on the road. The drawback to having an exclusive vehicle is that when it [...]

Maserati Insurance Guide

A Guide to Maserati Insurance by Daigle & Travers, Darien, Connecticut (203) 655-6974 Maserati has been an iconic brand representing prestige, innovation and performance since 1914.  You need only look at the distinctive radiator grille and bold trident logo to [...]

Motorcycle Insurance Guide

A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance by Daigle & Travers, Darien, Connecticut (203) 655-6974 The word motorcycle, even unspoken, seems to have a life unto itself. Few other words immediately engage all the senses. The thought of a motorcycle automatically brings [...]

Tesla Insurance Guide

A guide to Tesla insurance by Daigle & Travers, Darien, Connecticut (203) 655-6974   According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, insurance premiums for Tesla owners could potentially go up 30 percent. This is because drivers of Teslas have submitted [...]

Track Insurance

Track Insurance   Do you like to take your car to the track? Us too, but did you know that your auto insurance won’t cover you for track usage?   Do you have track insurance? In order to insure your [...]

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