Daigle & Travers is proud to announce that through a new alliance, we are now offering Daily Money Management services to our clients as an extension of our services via a strategic partnership with Financial Sense.

Financial Sense is a daily money management company serving families and individuals across the nation for over 20 years. Through their offices in Darien, Connecticut you can expect only the highest level of service you’ve come to know and expect from Daigle & Travers and affiliates.

Financial Sense can tailor their services to the individual person or a family’s financial objectives, whether that means paying bills on time, tracking inflows & outflows, budgeting, or coming up with a viable savings strategy.

Financial Sense Darien Connecticut

3 ways Financial Sense could potentially reduce your insurance costs

Financial Sense offers a number of a la carte financial services common to the traditional family office concept. Their bill payment service and financial review process can help you save on your insurance, here is how:

1) Sound financial practices such as paying bills on time and maintaining a healthy credit file is critically important. In most states, your credit score directly impacts your insurance premium as well as most financial products and services.

2) Paying insurance bills on time can directly impact the cost of your insurance renewal premiums. We live in an age when complicated insurance underwriting & modeling algorithms account for the number of late premium payments made during a single policy term can increase your renewal premium.

3) Daigle & Travers casts a wide net to ensure proper coverage and cost effectiveness. Financial Sense adds yet another set of eyes on your insurance policies, premiums and deductibles. (Please note, Financial Sense is not a licensed property & casualty insurance agent)

Of course, we want to be clear that our clients are not required to work with Financial Sense, nor are their clients with us. It’s simply a great value-added option that could be of great benefit to you. At Daigle & Travers we find their staff to be extremely professional and trustworthy.

We’re excited about this affiliation and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have! Just email us at Eli@dt-ins.com.