Coach Mark Wilhelm Brings Risk Management Career to Darien

Insurance Agent Mark Wilhelm offers Home Insuranace and Business Insurance in Darien CT.If your child ha sbeen involved in Darien Youth hockey in the past decade, you probably know Coach Mark Wilhelm. Right now, he coaches U10 and U18, but he has been a part of many functions. He readily admits that much of his free time is devoted to this passion. Mark entered the insurance industry about ten years ago as a producer. He was initially drawn to this field because, as a convivial person, he loved the idea of building a career on helping his neighbor. In addition, he likes meeting new people while maintaining the flexibility needed to support youth sports programs and his family.


Risk Management Career

Mark began his risk management career on the heels of Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, he was a quick study and fully exposed from the onset to the necessity of proper insurance coverage. A year in to his new career, Superstorm Sandy hit, laying devastation to his area and clients. In the same way that Hurricane Irene laid the foundation of appreciating great insurance, Hurricane Sandy instilled in Mark what it meant to be a great insurance agent. Being an advocate for his clients and fully accessible during their times of need became the hallmarks of his career.

When asked to describe success and the role of leadership in his life, he spoke of being true to oneself. He also spoke about being intentional in giving people the proper tools to be successful.  These ideologies are of course, extensions of both coaching and risk management. With his athletes, the tools are for the game and teamwork and perhaps, in some ways, for life. In his career, the authenticity, positioning and proper tools are more akin to who Mark wants to be to his clients and how he can help them be prepared so that if disaster strikes, they are not financially destroyed.


Starting at Daigle & Travers

In April 2018, Mark joined Tom Ayres (a partner at Daigle & Travers), who had trained and encouraged him in the early days of his insurance career. Looking forward, Mark is excited to see his career take him to Darien, a community he has come to cherish. In his own words, “Darien is a unique town where I’ve developed a lot of important relationships over the past ten years. I am hopeful to find more ways to grow and contribute to this wonderful town.”

Mark Wilhelm is a part of the Daigle & Travers team of Fairfield County. This group of insurance experts offers 34 years of expertise and extensive knowledge of personal and business insurance programs. For more information, you can visit or call Mark at 203-655-6974.


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