Landscapers Insurance Guide

Landscaping professionals face a unique set of dangers akin to no other industry. Exposure to chemicals, hidden electrical wires, harsh weather conditions, and strenuous manual labor all amount to continuous risk throughout all of a landscaper’s job.

As with any business, it takes years of skill, dependability and results to build a reputable business. Despite evident dangers, a lot of competition enters this field. And, not all of it is experienced or qualified. One only needs to dangle a lower price for the “same” service to steal away some of the market share. In no other career does your neighbor’s middle-schooler try to compete for clients and undersell you.

What does any of this have to do with landscapers insurance?

In a market this tight, your company could be quickly replaced. If you had to take even a short time off to tend to broken equipment, injuries or litigation, it is almost certain that a lot of other folks will be vying to do the job and take your client. So, while all businesses need to carry liability insurance, landscape designers may need it more.

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The list of potential dangers landscaping professionals face sounds more like a horror movie than a bad day at work. Arborists and Tree Trimmers have to worry about falls, electrocution, amputation. Lawn and Pesticide Treatment Technicians have potential for chemical exposure and chemical burns. The Lawn Irrigation Installers need to be careful not to hit hidden underground electrical wires and sewage pipes. Lawn Maintenance Workers are at risk of heat exhaustion, overexertion, lacerations and malfunctioning tools. The list goes on, but we can suffice it to say that landscaper’s insurance coverage is essential.

Policy Options

At the very least, every landscaping company should have general liability insurance, property damage insurance, inland marine coverage, business auto and workers comp insurance. Be prepared to discuss what services your company offers, what equipment your company uses and who is doing the work (sub-contractors, full time or part time employees, just you, etc.) with your agent. You will want to update your agent with any changes as they occur, like buying new or discarding old equipment.

Why settle for less?

If your current agent is unable or unwilling to review your landscaper architect insurance policy annually, find a new agent. Read over your policy carefully and compare all of the aspects, not just the price. Make sure it gives you the coverage you need to protect your landscaping business.

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