Hurricane Deductibles

Guest Blogger: Ryan Millen

Are there different types of storm deductibles?

There are three main storm deductibles called windstorm deductibles, named storm deductibles, and hurricane deductibles.  

  • Windstorm deductibles apply whenever there is damage caused by wind.
  • Named storm deductibles only apply to storms that are given names.
  • Hurricane deductibles only apply to storms labeled as hurricanes.  

For instance, given three storms, where one is a normal windstorm, one is Superstorm Sandy and one is Hurricane Irene:

  • A windstorm deductible would be in effect for all three
  • A named storm deductible would be in effect for both Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene
  • A hurricane deductible would only be in effect for Hurricane Irene  

Therefore, given the option, it is best to choose a hurricane deductible for your policy, as there’s less of a chance that you would have to pay a deductible to fix damage caused by a storm.

In Connecticut:

In Connecticut, hurricane deductibles apply when the National Weather Service (NWS) declares a hurricane that records winds of 74 miles per hour or more.  They are then in effect until 24 hours after the last hurricane warning is issued in Connecticut or 24 hours after it is downgraded from a hurricane.  Insurance companies may create hurricane deductibles based on a homeowner’s distance from a body of water.

In New York:

In New York, mandatory deductibles vary by policy, but usually are 1-5% of the home’s insured amount.  Insurers are required by law to offer discounts to homes with installed storm shutters or hurricane-resistant windows and doors.  The hurricane deductible also applies differently depending on your policy. Some companies use Category 1 hurricanes, while some use Category 2, as the event that puts hurricane deductible into effect.

In New Jersey:

New Jersey’s hurricane deductibles are in effect 12 hours before and after the NWS declares a hurricane with recorded winds of at least 74 miles per hour anywhere in the state.

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