HPDE Track Day Insurance

Are you one of the people whose speedometer needle visits the right half of the dial? Not on the highway obviously, but perhaps at an HPDE event? Your standard auto policy won’t cover these kinds of events but we found a special policy through Hagerty that will. Daigle & Travers knows that sometimes you want to test the limits of your toys so we want to make sure you are safe.

What is HPDE?

HPDE can stand for High Performance Driving Education or High Performance Driving Event. Whichever terminology you prefer, the purpose of the event is the same – to learn and practice how to drive and maneuver your car at high speeds in a closed and controlled environment. These events are not competitions and while multiple cars are on the track together, they are grouped by skill level and each driver is accompanied by an instructor to optimize safety.

What single event track day insurance will do

Daigle & Travers HPDE Event Day Insurance; Eli Zimmer

  • Protect your vehicle against damage while you’re participating in the event
  • Protect your car while on the track and in the paddock
  • Note that liability coverage IS NOT included

Coverage that may be added on

  • Coverage for time trials
  • Towing and storage
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Coverage for customized vehicle modifications

What you need to do as the insured driver/ vehicle owner

  • Establish an agreed value of the vehicle for Agreed Value Coverage
  • Have your car inspected before going to the event to verify that it is mechanically sound
  • Purchase a full-face helmet with a rating of SA2010, EA2016 or newer
  • Wear fire resistant shoes, socks, cotton pants and long sleeve shirt
  • Everything that is not attached to the vehicle has the potential to become a projectile and should be removed (including anything in the truck and glove compartment)
  • Be safe and have fun!


“With Hagerty’s track day insurance, you can keep your focus where it belongs – on driving.“


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