Builders Risk for House Flippers

House rolling down hill after house flippers.Many property owners turned house flippers are under the impression that a homeowner’s insurance policy will provide all the coverage they need for the remodeling they plan to do. Planned renovations may be minor (replacing flooring and cabinets) or major (moving a load-bearing wall or adding another story). Either way, house flipping bears the same significant risks (and potentially devastating losses) as any other home remodeling project. As soon as sledgehammers start breaking through walls or old flooring comes up, any number of risks could be waiting. With aging homes in Fairfield County and Westchester County, you never know what is behind the old plaster walls.

Timetables and Extent of Work

As a house flipper you need to work fast, but not every timetable will be the same. Generally speaking, flippers who plan to do minor renovations are looking to move extra fast. Depending on how minor the changes are (and whether the changes represent 15 percent or less of the existing structure value), these flippers may even be interested in a vacant home policy with a construction endorsement. However, if house-flippers are planning to make more extensive, expensive changes, their timetable may be extended due to the presence of mandatory inspections and permits. To ensure it stays insured during that period, a Builders Risk policy is important to implement. Daigle & Travers represents many markets that can help you. Liberty Mutual, Acadia, Selective Insurance and Zurich are all great options. These policies are available with policy terms as low as six months and short-term extensions are to provide additional flexibility.

Unexpected Expenses

Just like other remodeling clients, house flippers want to avoid unexpected expenses to their fixer-upper investments. Daigle & Travers can help you with your insurance expenses, we have over 30 years of construction experience and with our depth of insurance carriers, we can make sure that from an insurance standpoint, your expenses are fixed.


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