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Find the best Home Insurance for your house in Westport

Like any part of the world, homes in the Westport area are subject to damages, loss of household goods, and/or injury to guests in your home. Your home is not only the center of the activities in your daily life, it is often your biggest and the most personal investment you may ever own. Don’t take chances. 

A home insurance policy protects your biggest asset, and like everything in life, accidents can and do happen: Including theft cases, tripping on stairs, and even things you have never considered. It’s best to be prepared for anything when it comes to your home. 

Additionally, if you’re like many Americans and you now work out of your home, it is now more important than ever to secure ALL your asset, including your business. Do not skip this important piece of being a homeowner. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Connecticut Home Insurance

There are multiple variables when it comes to factoring insurance. The obvious ones are deductibles chosen (is your home located in an area prone to flooding?), home replacement values, age of your Westport home, location, quality of interior construction,and possibly the contents of your home. For example, do you have valuable art, antiques, and even items of sentimental value?

Also for consideration when seeking a comprehensive homeowerrs policy in Westport are: Do you work out of the home as many of us do? Are there multiple lines of business? What about additional lines such as umbrella or collections policy that may help you get the best bundled rates? After considering these questions, you can dig deeper and determine other potential contributing factors such as insurance scores, claim history, etc.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage applies when you need to insure your personal belongings inside the house. If your home is in a densely populated area, you need insurance due to the high possibility of theft cases. 

You may also want to consider an umbrella policy because sometimes liability claims occur that may exceed the limits of your underlying insurance policies due to your family’s activities, use of your home, or more often than not, car accidents. An umbrella policy is an additional layer of liability coverage that picks up where your underlying home policy stops. The umbrella policy is generally issued in increments of $1 million. Most policies are written as “follow form” policies which simply means, what is covered on the underlying policy is also covered by your umbrella.

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?

Home insurance is necessary to protect what is often your biggest asset: your home. You want a personalized policy that’s affordable and appropriate for the precise coverage you need. If most of the things you own are not seen as valuable to others, you will have less cost to protect your personal belongings. 

There are many variables when it comes to factoring insurance. The obvious ones are deductibles chosen (is a hurricane deductible applicable), home replacement values, age of homes, location of your home (state, zip code, proximity to the coast), quality of interior construction, and more.  Are there multiple lines of business…auto, umbrella or collections policy that may qualify you for a package discount?  

But if comprehensive insurance is what you need, you will most likely pay more. Further, the deductions you set monthly determine the home insurance policy you get. In case of damage or injury to a person, the insurance plan will cover most or all of the fees accrued if you had a large deduction.


If you are a resident in Westport and want the best home insurance coverage, consider Daigle & Travers Insurance. Our team will walk you through the polices that will likely work for you, and we will answer your questions to make sure you find the best policy for your specific needs. 

Our licensed and highly skilled agents will break down and review each plan in depth, including all the possible damages, losses, and accidents covered by each policy so you can make the best decision based on facts and what’s right for you. 

Daigle & Travers Insurance is one of the most respected independent insurance agencies in Southwestern Connecticut. For over three decades, we have provided personal and commercial insurance for clients in Fairfield County CT, New England, New York and nationwide.

To learn about more insurance plans, reach out so we can help you protect your biggest and most personal asset: Your life.