Fraud SafeGuard

Fraudster's face being revealed as Pinocchio nose pushes mask off face.Home Insurance, it’s all the same right?  Just go for the cheapest policy and hope for the best. That’s what we used to hear from clients. Then through educations, we have been able to show clients the difference in insurance carriers.

Who Falls for Fraud: Remember Fyre Festival and Bernie Madoff…

Have you ever heard about the Fyre Festival? You may have seen the documentaries on Netflix and Hulu or remember that mass social media coverage. If you’re not a mllennial, you may have missed the hysteria – you can get caught up on Wikipedia.

If you haven’t heard of Fyre Festival, how about Bernie Madoff? Unfortunately, we all are aware of him.

You Can Purchase Protection Against Fraudulent Investing

What would you say if we told you that depending on the home insurance carrier you are insured with and depending on your insurance agent aka Daigle & Travers Insurance, you could have and still can purchase protection against fraudulent investing? It’s true.

AIG Insurance and a few other insurance carriers offer a product called Fraud SafeGuard. If you are a high net worth client that invests on the side, are you ever concerned with who you are investing in?

Fraud SafeGuard coverage protects you in the event of a loss of money, securities and/or personal property. The risk of personal financial loss can come in many forms. In many instances, the perpetrators are trusted individuals, such as caretakers, financial advisors and private staff.

AIG’s Fraud SafeGuard

AIG’s Fraud SafeGuard coverage responds to loss of money and securities due to:

  • Stolen identity
  • Financial losses committed by those with access to your checkbooks, credit cards, 401K
  • Unauthorized checking or savings account withdrawals
  • Unauthorized credit card transaction
  • Donations to fraudulent charities
  • Telemarketing schemes

You get the picture. There are really bad people out there and they all want your money.

For clients with valuable assets, the days of just buying a home insurance policy are gone. AIG and many other high-end insurance carriers have realized that they need to build a home insurance policy that is adaptable to their customer’s needs. Now you can purchase, EPLI Insurance for domestic staff, D&O Insurance for boards you sit on, Cyber Coverage etc.

Reach out to Daigle & Travers for a free review of your home insurance coverage and experience the difference when working with a true professional.