What is Equine Mortality Insurance?

Equine Mortality Insurance is a major-medical insurance policy that protects horse owners and lessors against loss of a horse as a result of a covered accident, illness, injury, or disease. Additionally, equine mortality policies also cover the theft of a horse. Emergency colic surgery, loss of use, extensive continuing care coverage, overseas transit, lameness, diagnostics and other surgical coverage may be included in your policy. The best way to navigate the fine print of your policy is with an experienced agent who has your best interest in mind. At Daigle & Travers, we pride ourselves on being those kinds of agents. Read our blogs for helpful tips or just give us a call and talk to an expert today.

What types of horses are covered?

All different types and values of horses are covered regardless of value including your family pet, show horses, race horses, breeding, ponies, miniature horses, foals as young as 6 months of age.

Can equine mortality insurance be written with worldwide coverage?

Yes, an equine mortality policy may be written to include an endorsement for worldwide equine coverage.

How much does an equine mortality policy cost?

Equine mortality policies will vary in cost depending on the value of the horse. Usually there is a $10,000 minimum horse value based on the purchase price. However, if you believe the horse has increased in value, then you can insure for more. You would be required to justify your value. The premium will cost roughly $35-$45 per $1,000 of insured value. This number will vary per carrier.

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