We know how important your horse is to you. Often they are your family member, friend and partner. You want your horse to give their all in the show ring and perform to the best of their ability. You want performance and response when you ask for it, and agility and grace in the toughest of events. Our equine & farm division is run by Brittany Kochiss, who’s been an avid equestrian and horse owner since 2001. Competing in the hunters & equitation with her own horse, she speaks your language and understands your passion and commitment to your horse.

We work with multiple carriers for horse mortality, theft and major medical & surgical coverage including American Reliable, Great American and The Hartford. We have specialized plans and multiple options to meet your needs including coverage for horses overseas during shipping/transit, Worldwide coverage, loss of use, as well as different options and limits to pick from. Are you not sure what plan you need or the right value to insure your horse for? We will discuss your needs and put together a tailored plan to make sure you are properly covered.

What’s covered on a horse insurance policy?

Horse insurance policies, depending on the plan you pick, have various different limits and coverages. The base mortality policy covers mortality and theft, usually having a small amount of colic surgery built in anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the company. You then have different major medical and surgical limits you can pick from, ranging from basic assistance and emergency type policies to more extensive major medical and surgical limits. Make sure you understand the sublimits; some policies have co-pays and a deductible while some have only a deductible.

As a general rule of thumb, any wellness visits (including shots, dental, chiropractic, joint injections, arthritis and any exclusions if applicable) are not covered. Some examples of covered claims: required surgeries, colic, respiratory issues, lameness, injuries, fevers, lyme disease, ulcers, etc.

Determining a value for your horse:

The mortality value for insurance policies is the value you are insuring the horse for. Often times it’s the purchase price, or if you’ve bred the horse, put a lot into training or your horse has a longer competition record then when you purchased it, you can insure your horse for more. You can also insure the horse for a value under the amount you’ve paid.

Typically, any horse insured for $100,000 or more will need a vet certificate signed confirming the horse is sound and healthy.

Exclusions on an farm policy:

If your horse has had surgery or a known physical problem, the insurance company can exclude that condition. Depending on the exclusion they can be removed after a certain period of time has passed and/or a statement has been provided from your vet.

When should I report a claim?

You should notify us if you have the vet out for anything other than routine maintenance. You have 24-hour claim notification if you need to report an emergency.

What happens in the case of mortality or the need to euthanize my horse?

Contact us as soon as possible. In order for a mortality claim to be valid, all other efforts to save the horse need to be exhausted and euthanasia needs to be recommended by the vet. We understand sometimes catastrophes happen which require the horse to be euthanized on the spot. In any case where a horse is euthanized or euthanasia is recommended by your vet, contact your agent asap. Do not dispose of the horse until the claim department approves as a necropsy may need to be performed.

Need to insure a horse for a trial or a lease?

If you are buying a horse and the seller does not have insurance, the seller may require you to take out an insurance policy with limits they request until the trial is over or the lease expires. It’s important to list the current owner on the policy as loss payee in the event of any claim for the horse.

What do I do if I purchase a horse overseas?

If you buy a horse overseas, we can cover the horse immediately from the date purchased and provide you with worldwide coverage. This will cover your horse once it is purchased, while abroad and in transit.

Covering your horse internally for a competition(s)?

A standard insurance policy covers your horse anywhere within the USA and Canada. If you are going abroad for a competition then we can endorse the policy to include worldwide coverage. Depending on the frequency of competitions, this coverage can either be built into the policy or added on as needed.

Add On and Specialized Mortality Coverages

Loss of use coverage in the case your horse is no longer able to perform their job can be added to a mortality policy. X-rays are needed as well as a statement from a vet confirming the soundness of the horse. You will need to provide findings from the x-rays and exam that would impact soundness.

You can insure a mare while pregnant with a foal to cover the additional cost of the mare and foal, live foal guaranteed and infertility insurance for stallions.

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