Make your boat shipshape for the season

By Russ Steinman

Before you launch your boat for the season in Southport CT, make sure your vessel is safe and properly insured.Spring is in the air and the weather is warming up around the Long Island Sound, one thing is on boat owners’ minds: When are we going to splash our watercraft? After being bundled up for the winter, your vessel needs a little attention as you remove the shrink wrapping or heavy winter cover.

Removing The Boat Cover

First, make sure the cover is clear of any debris. You don’t want to be removing the cover and get hit in the head with anything. Make sure you’re not dragging the cover over any sensitive surfaces. You don’t want to pull off any GPS sensors, antennas or brackets attached to the vessel that could cause additional damage.

Zincs and Anodes

Look at your zincs or anodes and make sure they are in good condition and will properly perform their function in preventing corrosion and damage.

Scuppers and Seacocks

After the cover is off, examine your boat closely to ensure it is clean and free of debris. Especially notice areas where water is permitted to flow into or away from the vessel, such as scuppers or seacocks. Small animals might have crawled into these tiny spaces seeking shelter from the cold and left remnants of their visit that could block water flow.

Engine Compartment

Once you’re in the vessel, check in and around the engine compartment, looking for cracked hoses, frayed electrical wires or signs of damage from animals. The last thing you want is to be a few miles off shore and have your mechanics malfunction.

Boat Batteries

Check your battery cables, too, making sure they’re in good condition and that the ends are clear of any corrosion. Again, watch for chew marks or frayed wires. You might also need to hook your batteries up to a charger since they were sitting all winter not being used. The cold New England winters can drain your battery. 


If you have a cabin on your vessel, this is a good time to open it and air it out. Moisture collects even in cold weather. Check for any potential mold and make sure all surfaces are clean.

Before putting your vessel in the LI Sound or one of the local lakes, such as Candlewood, you’ll want to flush out your plumbing systems if you have a head or galley in your vessel. You may even want to give it a once-over cleaning before you start to use your vessel.

Once you’re comfortable with all your preseason boat prep, you’re ready to launch for the season. But before you do, DON’T FORGET TO PUT IN THE PLUG.

Watercraft Insurance

Don’t forget the most important part, make sure that you have an active boat insurance policy that will cover you for property, liability, and sea tow (better safe than sorry).

Have a great and safe boating season.

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