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Hurricane Safety Tips, Preparations and Checklists

2019-08-29T13:26:00+00:00August 30th, 2019|Blog|

Hurricane Safety Tips, Preparations, and Checklists by Jennifer Towne from Acadia Insurance The Northeast has been fortunate to have experienced a lull in hurricane activity in the past few years. However this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revised its forecast to increase the likelihood of a more [...]

Workers Compensation for Single Member LLCs

2019-08-23T16:14:59+00:00August 23rd, 2019|Business Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance|

Workers Compensation for Single Member LLCs Effective July 25th 2019, members of a Single Member LLC that currently carry workers compensation insurance will now be automatically included on their policies. This is a big change from how Connecticut used to treat workers compensation policies. Daigle [...]

Media Liability Insurance

2019-08-05T17:09:11+00:00August 5th, 2019|Business Insurance|

Media Liability Insurance Media and entertainment companies such as publishers, broadcaster, producers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters have an ever-growing range of serious media liability exposure. Any company can have exposure to media risks if they have a website or communicate information in any way. Regardless [...]

Workers Compensation: Coverage for Domestic Workers in New York State

2019-07-30T14:45:59+00:00July 26th, 2019|Workers Compensation Insurance|

Workers Compensation: Coverage for Domestic Workers in New York State Daigle & Travers Insurance Agency provides risk management for many individuals and families living in Connecticut and New York. We often find that our clients, especially working parents, enlist the help of domestic workers, such as [...]

Land Rover Insurance

2019-07-30T15:25:38+00:00July 19th, 2019|Automobile Insurance|

Land Rover Insurance Guide by Daigle & Travers   High-end SUVs are, by nature, statement pieces that set their owners apart from all other car owners on the road. The drawback to having an exclusive vehicle is that when it is in need of repairs or maintenance, certified technicians and [...]

What amount of liability insurance do I need to protect myself and my family?

2019-07-30T14:52:19+00:00July 12th, 2019|Blog|

What amount of liability insurance do I need to protect myself and my family? An individuals’ or family’s assets and their life-style will determine the answer to this question. What is Liability? Liability, from an insurance perspective, contemplates fault arising from negligence. A [...]