Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage or Excess Liability Coverage

2019-03-30T01:10:42+00:00February 25th, 2019|Personal Insurance|

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage and Why Should Everyone Have It? What if: You are in a car accident and injure or kill another party Skiing in Vermont, you collide with another party and injure them You are in an altercation with another person and they are injured You [...]

2019 Spring Home Buying Market: Insurance Tips Before You Buy

2019-06-14T16:43:45+00:00February 11th, 2019|Homeowners Insurance|

2019 Spring Home Buying Market: Insurance Tips Before You Buy Each spring in Fairfield and Westchester Counties, the spring home buying market begins. This is a busy time of year for local realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers and insurance agents. Clients are moving to the area for the first time, up/downsizing [...]

Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance: Which is right for you?

2019-03-30T01:08:34+00:00February 1st, 2019|Life Insurance|

By Nathan Otto The biggest question to answer when purchasing life insurance is whether you need a term or permanent policy. Each type has advantages and limitations. To make the right decision, you should know and understand your options. Here are a few questions to consider: How will the money [...]