Builders Risk Insurance

2021-03-25T17:38:20-04:00May 16th, 2017|Business Insurance, Homeowners Insurance|

Contractor Insurance Quotes   What is builders risk insurance? This insurance coverage is specifically designed to protect buildings and structures that are under development, renovation or construction as well as the equipment being used in the construction project. These policies can include protection for construction materials, heating and air-conditioning equipment, [...]

Workers Compensation Insurance for Domestic Help

2020-10-14T16:59:54-04:00May 16th, 2017|Homeowners Insurance, Special Coverage|

Domestic Employees Workers Comp Insurance   Why do I need to purchase domestic help workers comp coverage? Homeowners policies exclude Liability coverage for any domestic help that should be covered by a Worker's Compensation policy. For example, if you live in CT and have a nanny, au pair, or driver [...]

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